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Why We Oppose Measure U


Why We Oppose Measure U

Measure U, will defund fire services in San Bernardino County, creating higher insurance premiums and reduced fire protection for families, schools, and businesses.

We oppose measure U because:

California has regular fire seasons that require proper funding levels. Measure U puts families, schools and businesses at risk by doing the following:


the number of fire personnel in San Bernardino County by over 34% and cuts fire funding by over 1/5 resulting in cuts to service and no reduced cost to taxpayers.


19 fire stations across the County of 20,000 square miles, increasing fire response times and annual home insurance premiums by $500+.


programs that help prevent devastating fires within the county such as vegetation removal, putting homes, schools, and businesses at increased danger.


the ability of the fire department to provide boat/water, wilderness and other rescue efforts.


public safety by eliminating the SWAT paramedic program that assists local law enforcement during public emergencies.

Protect our families, schools, and businesses. Vote No on Measure U.

Who is behind this measure?

Florida Millionaire Eric Steinmann and Red Brennan Group.