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Why We Oppose Measure K


Why We Oppose Measure K

Measure K aka Measure “Korruption”, creates unaccountable politicians and bureaucrats who do not serve the interests of the people. Politicians will never have to face the voters for their decisions after they are elected. This creates the prefect breeding ground for corruption, no accountability, and ensures a lack of real representation.

We oppose Measure K because:

Measure K ensures that unelected bureaucrats and special interests can conduct business away from public scrutiny and accountability by doing the following:


the effectiveness of San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors by making them part time and out of touch with everyday residents.


to take control of decisions made by limiting Supervisors to one, four year term — not enough time to understand and solve long term challenges in San Bernardino County or push back on lobbyists and special interests.


of hundreds of thousands of residents who will not be able to voice their approval or disapproval of the job being done by their elected representatives.


our County representatives the ability to effectively advocate at the State and Federal Level for funding and critical resources that residents, schools, and businesses require by eliminating their ability to serve on boards, committees and commissions that deliberate these funds as part time representatives.


by empowering special interests to run well funded candidates to serve on their behalf without repercussions as they will never again have to face voter scrutiny.


functions of government by creating lame duck representatives with no responsibilities which will result in the disruption of vital county services.

Hold Politicians Accountable. Vote NO on Measure K.

Who is behind this measure?

Florida Millionaire Eric Steinmann and the Red Brennan Group are pushing a Measure K which will open the doors to corruption and closed door decision making by unelected bureaucrats and special interests.